You’re probably thinking…what’s a ‘check-in’? Great question. Simple answer: a check-in is an indicator that allows businesses and friends within your F1RST network to know you’re visiting a specific location.

Now you’re wondering, why exactly would you want a business – or even your friends – to know where you are at any given point in time? Another great question. And fortunately there are several benefits that make checking-in worthwhile so our response to that raised eyebrow is a little bit longer.  Here goes…



Do you suffer from short term memory loss? Even if you don’t, sometimes you just can’t remember where you had that delicious Creole meal on your vacation last month or where you bought those adorable shoes during your impromptu shopping spree a week ago. Checking in allows you to create a bookmark of your activities and experiences so its easy to remember those defining moments and share them with others! (This is cool. But we know its no show-stopper)



This isn’t about stalking, its not about keeping tabs, its just about keeping up with your friends in a world that’s becoming increasingly virtual. Work, school, family and so many other elements sometimes prevent us from spending QT with our BFFs but checking in allows your friends to know what you’re up to and vice versa. Comment on each other’s activities and even send business recommendations if you’ve had a great experience. When you think about it, F1RST may actually bring you closer together! (Pretty cool, right? And to think it gets even better…)




Maybe you thought that new nightclub was the most happening place on the strip…maybe you assumed your favorite restaurant was still the best place for pizza. Maybe you were wrong…Maybe their check-in levels are pretty low and there’s some other club getting more traction and a newer pizza place pulling a bigger crowd. Pay attention to a businesses’ check-in rate and you’ll always be in the know. (Like this one? You’ll love what’s next…)




F1RST has a ton of fun virtual rewards that you begin to unlock the moment you download the app. From your F1RST step to your very F1RST day at school, we mark those milestones like proud parents and we know you relish in that feeling of accomplishment when this type of recognition comes your way. But we’re realists and we also know that tangible rewards beat abstract sentiment anyday. So we’ve been working really hard with amazing brands like Stechers, Converse, Courts, Digicel and S. M. Jaleel (to name drop a few) in order to launch a series of check-in related discounts in the very near future! (Showstopper jackpot! Literally.)

Since the launch of F1RST check-ins have become the most popular feature on the mobile app, with users checking in to places throughout the Caribbean and even around the world! So, the next question comes from us to you: Have you checked in yet?


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