Ever since it first went online, Movietowne’s website has been visited by a staggering number of people daily, despite the fact that it always looked a bit…


Looks aside, it functioned. Most people just wanted to see which movies were showing anyway. Well when the new site dropped it took us a minute to orient. We took a couple days to explore, stop mourning the loss of ‘what-we-were-used-to’, and embrace change, because there are actually several features that are better than before, no lie.

“So, What’s showing?”

Straight up, the majority of people in our office, on the street and in our families prefer finding their movie using the new layout. For starters, you no longer have to click on a tiny button that leads to a tiny drop-down. Remember that? Remember doing it on a phone? Leading with the posters seems to be appealing to the image-loving society we live in. Now, if you’re a very busy person who needs to see all the movies available at the only time you’re available,  say… 8ish on a Thursday night, the grid is still there. Look for the ‘Movie Schedule’ button at the bottom left of any poster in the ‘Now Showing’ section.


Politely skip the line

Two weeks ago our Creative Content Specialist, Sophie, was running late for Jurassic World. She got there just in time aaaaaaaaaaand it was sold out. She downloaded ticktr to her phone that day, and has used it since. Now she has the option to purchase via the site too. There is an option on the site to purchase without registering by the way, if you prefer. It’s almost like technology is being taken seriously by corporate T&T. My gosh, wonder when we will all be able to buy groceries online? And when stores will start taking advantage of the menus and catalogue options on F1RST? Hmmmmmmmm


Charity Premieres aren’t that Random

Charity movie premieres are a proven fund raising method. Now on the site you can pretty easily find the form to request a movie premiere for your cause. It’s under Cinemas, click ‘Movie Premieres’. So that’s cool. Cooler? There’s a mailing list you can join so you can support others who are hosting fundraisers this way, even if you don’t know the people in need personally.



Repeat. VOTE FOR MOVIE. Go try it! It’s a button at the top right of the posters in the ‘Now Showing’ and in the ‘Coming Soon’ sections. It’s possibly our favourite new thing, because it lets you show them which ones you really want to see. We see so much potential for this. It could help decide which movies are given a chance, and it could prevent any movie from being sold out again, if they know the demand is such that they should put a certain film in multiple theatres. No word on if they plan on using the feature that way, it could just be for fun, but yeh… potential!


More than Movies

Found the capacity for the Banquet Center, and other stuff. Once again, it just makes sense to use technology to provide answers before questions are even asked. Lots of brides and event planners will tell you they do their obsessive nitty gritty organising at night, when offices aren’t even open, so the info on the banquet center gets a thumbs up from us.


“When is the next cartoon already?”

Parents have a short cut. The ‘Kids’ section tells you when the child friendly films are coming, birthday party packages, the carousel park hours, etc etc etc. They also could have labeled this section ‘Parental Sanity Project’.


Get a J.O.B

You’d think that ‘Corporate’ tab would be an avoid-at-all-costs snooze fest, but it turns out to be pretty handy. Like if you didn’t know there is a Movietowne GUYANA, yup! Info there. But maybe even more useful is the option to click on ‘Careers’. Vacancies listed, and an online application form is available. Sense.


Fiesta, Fiesta

You thought you heard about… a thing there… what was it again? This Saturday? Next week? Ummmm? Just go look it up, instead of searching your facebook events section cluttered with hundreds of boat rides and pop up shops ‘liked’ by all your least close friends.


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