You might not be in the habit of keeping secrets, but sometimes you just don’t need the rest of the world knowing where you are and what you’re up to. That’s cool. We get it. So we’ve introduced private check-ins that allow you to reveal your check-ins only to the people that matter the most. Go ahead and test it out at your next check-in: deselect the ‘Visible to all’ button and feel free to select the F1RST Friends you want to see and share particular experiences with!

Just in case you’re not sold on private check-ins, here are 5 awesome reasons you might consider keeping your check-ins to yourself.



Checking-in is more than a fun activity, it creates a record of the places you’ve been and the things you’ve experienced. You don’t necessarily need everyone keeping track of your every move but it sure comes in handy when its slipped your mind where you tried that delicious sandwich last week or found those cute shoes last month!


You can’t exactly plan a successful surprise party if the Surprisee sees you checking into party supply stores to purchase decorations or into their favorite boutique to get them the perfect gift. So be an effective Surpriser and fly below the radar with private check-ins. You get to maintain your top spot on the leaderboard while still keeping your Surprisee in the dark – it’s a definitely win-win!


Your movements are nobody’s business but your own and sometimes you want to check in without notifying a soul. There’s nothing wrong with that. We don’t blame you for wanting to go off the grid every now and then and not that you can take F1RST with you, we fully endorse you going ghost-protocol every now and then.


Disclaimer: We in no way endorse breaking biche. But we know it happens because sometimes (hopefully not often) even the best of the best require a mid-week recharge. But chillaxing at the beach on Hump Day just isn’t as satisfying without a little bit of bragging involved. Thanks to private check-ins, now you can go ahead and check-in to Maracas, upload a shot of you sipping a cold beer and tag all the friends you want to make jealous. Just don’t slip up and tag your boss!


For the hopeless romantics out there, sometimes you only want that special someone to know where you are; or maybe you guys have your secret rendezvous points no one else can know about. Some might say its a bit corny, but we think its sweet. With secret check-ins you can both check-in to your favorite spots for some quality time and no one will ever have to know.

Have fun checking in!


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