Now on F1RST: Trending Items, Deals & Discounts

Now, using the F1RST app for iOS and Android, users can see the most popular items and discounts from businesses on F1RST. Not only can you discover amazing local places, but you will also be able to see the hottest local deals and discounts via the Trending feature.

How does this help you ask?

Imagine you’re at a shopping mall, you may want to know what items and sales are currently happening? Well using the trending feature you can see the most popular items nearby by simply opening the F1RST app on the Trending screen. When you go from one mall to the next, the trending screen will show you the nearest items available! The more deals and items that businesses add, the more items you get to enjoy. So it’s super important if you go into a store and notice that the business is not yet on F1RST, ask them why not? The starter package is FREE for all businesses, and it allows you, the customer, to stay well informed and even increase sales for the business.

Trending Items Online Store on

Many users have already begun to use this awesome new feature making it one of our most popular releases yet, and businesses are adding new items and deals each day, so be on the lookout this Christmas and remember to #SearchF1RST


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