For the past weeks since our initial launch, F1RST users have been adding awesome new places growing our database to become the most comprehensive online listing of places in the entire Caribbean! There still however are many places like small shops and local hot spots that may be missing. But we have great news… You can now add any place right from the app and it’s as simple as can be!

On the Explore, Check-in or Activity screens, just begin typing a search term e.g. coffee. Some results will appear, then simply scroll to the bottom of those results and click the big blue tab that says “Can’t find place? Click here to add”

Follow the steps and in a jiffy you can add your own place.

1. Search 

2. Complete the form

3. Verify Place

4. Submit for Approval

You can continue to add photos, check in and even write reviews by clicking and viewing the place.

 This entire process is also available via Android!

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