Most Local Businesses don’t have websites and traditionally have not been online. Internet Access via websites and mobile smartphone devices have been at an all time high and continue to rapidly grow with smartphone users worldwide totaling 1.75 billion in 2014.

Local businesses miss opportunities daily as millions of consumers make purchase decisions online. F1RST gives your business an online storefront to receive orders and interest, placing your exact business products in the hands of consumers via web and mobile at an affordable price.

Is your business online? Follow these steps to ensure your customers can find your business products online for FREE.

Step 1

1 - Download the App

Step 2

2 - Search & Find your F1RST Business Profile

Step 3

3 - If your F1RST Business is not there Add it

Step 4

4 - Go to your F1RST Business Profile

Step 5

5 - Add F1RST Menu

Step 6 

6 - F1RST Business Photos

Step 7

7 - Add Business Details on


Step 8

8 - Add Menu Catalogue Item to

Step 9

9 - Share Products to Social Media

Step 10

10 - Promote Menu Catalogue for Business

Step 11

11 - Get Orders on for you business

Step 12

12 - Push Notification Messages to Business Followers about deals, discounts, sales


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