Ok, so you have downloaded this awesome new app for the Caribbean. It helps you discover great places around you, and you can search and find almost any business. What next? Well F1RST has a lot more to it. Once you find and add all your friends on F1RST, you’ll be able to keep up with them and share your experiences with your closest friends.

The weekend is coming; with F1RST you can see what places are the most popular simply by scrolling your Activity Feed and seeing how many people have checked into a hot venue.

We’ll show you how.

1. Go to Navigation on F1RST


2. Click Find Friends


3. Click Find Friends from Facebook


4. Add & Invite all your Friends

You will see all of your Facebook friends that are already on F1RST. You will also see all of your Facebook friends that have yet to join. You can invite them all with 1 click.

5. Share the app

Some of your friends may not be on Facebook. (Mom and dad, aunty :P) Therefore we made it super easy to share the app via email and even text message.

1.  Go to Navigation

1 - Share

2. Click Share this app

2 - Share

3. Allow access to contacts

3 - Share

4. Share the app via Email, FB, Twitter and Text Message

4 - Share

These are the ways you can find, add, invite and share F1RST with all of your friends. Once your friends are added, keep up with them via your Activity Feed. Now how many friends do you have on F1RST?

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