Costumes have been collected, boots have been purchased, and all relevant grooming appointments have been made (hopefully) but for many masqueraders the question of Monday-wear still lingers. To help those still pondering what ensemble they’ll be parading through the streets in next Monday, we tapped into the creative mind of Fantasy Carnival costume designer, Samantha Ammon, to get a few tips for those heading out to the stores and malls this weekend in the hopes of putting together the ideal look.

  1. Function vs. Fashion: I recommend function over fashion so I say keep it simple yet effective, especially since there’s not much time left to put it all together. Every feather and every bead doesn’t have to make it onto your outfit just because there’s still glue left in the gun. If you insist on going all out though, go big and bling, bling, bling it up!

  1. Dress to impress: Ladies, you know your body type so dress accordingly. Stick to what looks good and flatters your figure, whatever it may be. Some of you might prefer a monokini while others want to show off that new Carnival body in a two piece. Both options are great and trends are always fun to follow but know what suits you! You want to stand out for all the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

  2. It’s not homework when its fun so do some research to find the right look for you. Get on Google! check out Pinterest! And even then you don’t have to copy an exact style. If you really want to stand out and be different try merging a few looks together and create a signature piece.

  1. Keep your friends close and the creative ones even closer: Every crew has that creative person who could make a masterpiece out of anything – stay close to her *insert cheeky laughter here*. Have a Monday wear lime where you guys can work on putting together different looks. Just make sure you have at least one bottle of wine in the fridge to get the creative juices flowing.

  2. Best Resource for last minute DIY-ers: After ripping open tons of boxes with Sandy (Fantasy’s Creative Director, Sandra Hordatt) I can definitely tell masqueraders looking for accessories to head to her new store Designer’s World for supplies. She’s got great stock you’d usually have to jump on a plane or order online to get. But it’s not just a Carnival store, during the year if you want to add an extra braid to that new swimsuit, its the place to visit – just fab!

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us Sam. See you on the road!

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