Hans des Vignes’ is a television personality and radio broadcaster in Trinidad and Tobago. We won’t call the man a veteran because that makes him sound a little, um, old, but he’s well established. Basically… he has a wikipedia, he reach! Hans is one busy guy, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Here’s a random Thursday:

5.48am. He starts his day with work

Boom-Champion“Monday to Friday check me out here with Leston, Linx and Santana inside the Morning Pump…. Being on radio was always a dream of mine that at times I never thought would be a reality, every day I’m thankful for this opportunity.”

9.36am. Then, he goes to do… more work

McCann-Erickson-(Trinidad)Voicing for … well, I can’t really tell you yet. But South T&T, something big is coming!

11.15am. Time to exercise, the Hans way

Damian's-Bay-D1“When you live on an island the beach really is never too far away. If I hadn’t made it today I would have gone gym at the Hilton Hotel.”

3pm. Off to mind his money

Unit-Trust-Corporation“One Woodbrook place to deposit a cheque…. Other than earning money, what you do with it is just as important.”

6pm. Then, to mind his mind

Omardeen-School-Of-Accountancy“Most of my missions in life have been completed however there is one thing I started and stopped a few years ago – ACCA. My mission now is to close this chapter.”

8.30pm. Stop working? No! He heads back west

5-Miles-to-Midnight-band-house”Diego Martians is a new evolved DJ entity I have been working on which incorporates live musicians with djing.”

10.54pm. He started with music, he ends with music

51-Degrees-Lounge-&-Conference-Centre“Once a week we do the do in 51… What a way to end a day (doing something else I love)”


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