Franz Gillezeau is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and he’s also Editor-in-Chief of Hybrid Magazine. Naturally, he’s got a pretty busy schedule and it includes a lot of fitness activities, but this South-based personal trainer still finds time to have a little bit of fun. Check out some of his most common diversions in and around his hometown of San Fernando.



My morning run consists of a 5km circuit to San Fernando Hill and back home then I head to work at Quarter Turn Ltd. where I am a manager.




The next ritual for the day is my lunchtime workout at the Fitness Zone Gym in Gulf City Mall. Once that’s finished I typically spend the rest of the day there training my clients. Sometimes in between clients I’ll head downstairs to Nigel R. Khan to browse the shelves and pick up a book or two.



3Every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning I practice Taekwon-Do at Wolverine Taekwon-Do. If I happen to have another free evening during the week I play football at the park in St. Joseph Village and on the weekends I’ll play tennis at Guaracara Park.




The best way to start the day is having breakfast in the comfort of my own home, but I have no problem venturing beyond my kitchen for other meals. My favourite healthy lunch is cassava fries and stuffed chicken breast from Nichossa Bakery & Cafe.




I love Palki’s Restaurant for dinner. It’s authentic Indian cuisine so I don’t always know the names of the dishes I’m eating *laugh-out-loud* but the food is delicious, the service is great (the chef usually comes to check that everything is going well) and the prices are good.




My schedule is pretty hectic but when I do get a chance to run errands they usually revolve around food. For instance, my pre-workout meal is usually a couple of whole wheat turkey sandwiches made from scratch so I usually pick up the bread at Puff ‘N Stuff Bakery and I get the turkey slices from the deli at PriceSmart.




I’m not the biggest limer but if I happen to go out for drinks my destination depends on the vibe I’m looking for. On Deck Pub offers a nice casual atmosphere but its a regular haunt of mine because it serves my favourite rum – El Dorado 15 years. And Dream Lounge is the best high-end lounge in South Trinidad so its where I go when I’m in the mood to get dressed up and really step out. If the spirit moves me I’ll head over to Metro Nightlife afterwards to finish off the night.

.      .      .

That’s Franz’s life in a nutshell, through the screens of What does your life look like? Share your favourite places/excursions with us in the comments or tweet us @F1RSTNation using the hashtag #SearchF1RST.




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