February 1, 2014, aptly dubbed F1, was a pretty big day for the team here at F1RST. On Saturday the website went live and we released the app to both iOS and Android platforms. The response thus far has been phenomenal! F1RST received an average 4.6 star performance rating from people who’ve already engaged its services and the app spent its first few days at the No. 2 spot in the T&T iOS App store, beating out social media veterans like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

The level of excitement that pulsated throughout the office on Friday 31 was the ideal precursor to the weekend release. Between the radio interviews with our friends at Slam 100.5FM and Sangeet 106.1 FM and the pre-release lime at RuStreet on Rust Street, we eased into F1 with all the pomp and circumstance befitting an occasion as momentous as this one.

Now that it’s out, we’re looking forward to everyone getting on board and adopting F1RST as their number one wingman in life. Remember, F1RST is more than just another social app, its a lifestyle tool designed to help you live life more efficiently.

What can you do with F1RST?

Search: Craving pizza but not sure where the closest pizza joint is? Search for ‘pizza’ in the ‘Food & Drink’ category to get a listing of the restaurants nearby that fit the bill. Use the ratings and reviews from your friends to help you decide which option is best!

Discover: In a new neighborhood and need to change your tyre but have no clue where the closest gas station is? Just browse the ‘Automotive’ category and you’ll discover all the automotive service providers in your immediate vicinity!

Connect: Everyone loves a great deal or insider details about their favorite places. ‘Follow’ the businesses you love and be the first to find out about sales and new stock. Check-in frequently enough and you may even be able to benefit from loyalty rewards!

Share: Love the pair of shoes you purchased from the new boutique in the mall? Upload a cute photo of them, write a review about the quality of the stock and rate the business to share the experience with your friends!

So…if you haven’t already, download F1RST now and enjoy an enhanced Caribbean experience! Thank you for your support and we look forward to building F1RSTNation with you!

This post was originally published on f1rstmedia.tumblr.com on February 3, 2014.

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