Trinbagonians like to be in ‘ting’. Even those not into blood sports are finding themselves in a fight-lime come Saturday. The whole world has been swept up by the Mayweather versus Pacquiao craze, which means that it might not be such a good idea to wait until the last minute to organise yourself. As this is a pay-per-view event, your regular sportsbar may not actually be showing it. So we did some digging for you, but take note, this list is by no means comprehensive.

All-OutThere is a $200 cover at this pub like bar located in the Oval, BUT you’re getting it back in chits toward your bill.

MovietowneThis has to be the biggest screen showing it in the country. Has to be. Movietowne is selling advanced tickets for $150 ($200 at the door) that includes a drink and popcorn.

HOME-CafeIf you want a scene that’s less macho-cliche and more culture-caribbean, the Ayoung-Chee family’s space in St Clair is hosting a rooftop viewing, with food and drinks on sale, no cover, and free popcorn.

Bar-CodeTobago has probably got more options, but this popular spot was the one that answered the phone, confirmed they’re showing it, and that there is no cover. Then they hung up.

KAVAThis Kapok hotel pizzeria/watering hole may not have occurred to you as a spot for this kind of thing, but it turns out they are. More than one screen, no cover.

Hutt-ShuttsThe grand dame of Tacarigua will be showing the fight on both levels. But study it good, the first floor is free (until 10pm, but even then it’s just $40… well, ladies still free), but with no sound. The VIP floor will show it with sound, but it can only hold 100 people, and you will pay a $100 cover if you make it in time.

TrottersThe VIP at this screen laden spot is already sold out, like, for awhile now. $200 gets you in on fight night to the main floor though.

RuStreetWe haven’t heard about a cover charge yet, but RuStreet is advertising some food & drink specials, so that’s guaranteed.

Fluid-Bar-&-LoungeIf you want to stay on the avenue, then this Ariapita establishment will have a screen inside and a screen outside, no cover, drink specials and food on sale.

Woodford-CafeThis Price Plaza restaurant is definitely showing it, and featuring happy hours, yes, plural.


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