Ah…brunch…that slightly ambiguous time a bit after breakfast but just before lunch. Used to be only a handful of restaurants that catered to this crowd but now there are so many restaurants supporting the mid-morning meal movement that we felt compelled to compile this list of great spots where you can get your eggs after 11 am. Brunch in Trinidad… go!


Review posted by Laura Reece on 03.02.14 at 12:05

Coffees are pretty consistent. Jamaican patties are yummy! Service is good, and quick. It also has a lovely outdoor area to dine. Not a bad place for a meeting especially with free wifi.


Review posted by misternavin on 28.07.14 at 18:12

This little gem is quite easily the best coffee shop in the east and one of the better ones in Trinidad. The coffee, gourment meals and desserts do come with a price but for the quality and ambience on offer it’s all fair value.


Review posted by Kevin Joseph on 11.03.14 at 02:50

Very scenic Marina setting! Food was wonderful and our server was very pleasant! Food did take some time to reach the table, however it was evident that it was freshly made and my party thoroughly enjoyed it! Especially my foreign friends who ate here for the first time and were very impressed by the Trini taste!


Review posted by Jermold Compton on 13.06.14 at 03:15

Great service… some of the best i’ve experienced at any restaurant in Trinidad by staff as a unit. I would say though, for anyone visiting, you need to try the Grilled Cheese Sandwich from the kids menu!… as weird as that sound. It’s the best I’ve had so far.


Review posted by Astra Babb on 08.07.14 at 18:25

By far my favourite place for breakfast/lunch/brunch… great ambience, reasonable prices, friendly staff and fast service.


Review posted by Caroline Paul lewis on 08.05.14 at 13:30

A lot of my friends raved about Nichossa’s having the best food, desserts and service in south….Tried them and well hopefully my 5 stars says enough! Will definitely go back!


Review posted by Dale Lutchman on 11.06.14 at 15:04

Bess breakfast! Love this place, especially their waffles and hot chocolate


Review posted by Aisha Sylvester on 31.03.14 at 17:54

I’ve eaten here too many times to count and I’ve never had one complaint about a single meal. Perfect place for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! Breakfast in particular is a huge serving at a really reasonable price 🙂


Review posted by Anushka Benny on 04.02.14 at 22:00

Really great customer service always wins me over. These guys definitely have it. Good food. Good service. Great views. Awesome spa.


Review posted by Jarrell Adams on 06.01.15 at 17:58
 Had a wonderful brunch here!!!


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