We don’t mind if it’s a finance meeting, a seminar on dental equipment, or a discussion on a Ukrainian timeshare, heck we might even volunteer to be on the Integrity Commission. IF it’s catered by Chaud Café Vite, we are THERE. We will totally take notes and sign confidentiality agreements.


Actual Chefs

Not that Linda the lunch lady isn’t lovely (and alliterative), but sometimes you need a higher standard than you get from places that require you to don one or more flimsy, disposable gloves. Check out the pedigrees of Executive Chef Khalid Mohammed and Chef de Cuisine Ca-el Seebaran.

Favourite thing on the Menu #1

Slow-Roasted Lamb Wrap. Using a slow-roast method on these divine cuts of lamb, and then pairing it with fresh, crisp tomatoes, onions, and cucumber, then ‘creaming’ it up with feta and their own tzatziki sauce… pass the pita this way again.

Favourite thing on the Menu #2

Smoked Salmon Platter. If you don’t love smoked salmon, you were probably introduced with a bad fish. Chaud Café Vite serves only very, very high quality scottish smoked salmon. Which means capers, red onions, maybe a lil black pepper, all that stuff is just to contrast with the fantastic flavour and bring it out more brightly, not to mask it. Nom Nom Nom.

Cool Spoons Bro

We realised that we had no water left in the office, so they brought some. Things like flatware, beverages and staff are optional. So you’re not paying for them if you don’t want them, but you can get them easy-peasy if you’re in need.

Favourite thing on the Menu #3

Soup of the day. Do. Not. Dare. Belittle. Soup. It’s always amazing. It’s always filling. And if your conference room is roughly the temperature of the polar ice caps, it can be life saving.

The Special One

This one’s for our friend Shivanna, who has honest-to-god Celiac disease. She constantly feels like the hassle in her office for needing special food, or more likely simply has to bring ‘home food’ while everyone else munches on the provided fare. When Chaud Café Vite is coming she just lets them know her issues and they have it under control. That’s more significant than you might realise, because Shivanna is a big-time member of her team and needs to be on her A-game in major meetings. Then again, every team member is important right? So CCV is prepared for whatever bodily or maybe religious issues people may have.

Not Just a One-Meeting Stand

They can be your regular. Call them, no shade.

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