The average man owns between eight to a dozen pairs of shoes, but the man you have in mind is above average so here are 9 different types that he MUST have in his wardrobe;

Tassel-LoafersTassel Loafers

The absolutely perfect shoe. It works with everything from suits to jeans. It suits a regular day at the office or even a semi-formal event.

Available at Ainsley & Company ($1,895.00)

Slip-On-LoafersSlip On Loafers

The classic (these happen to be classic Penny Loafers as well) Loafers for every occasion in life. These happen to fit into more casual occasions but they’re perfect for work on Fridays.

Available at Ainsley & Company ($1,595.00)

Winged-Tipped-OxfordsWinged Tipped Oxfords

For the much dressier occasions in life. Dinner parties to weddings, these bad boys have got your back.

Available at Ainsley & Company ($1,695.00)

Sebago-Boat-ShoesSebago Boat Shoes

For every casual day of your life. Strong, sturdy and fresh as hell.

Available at Di Trends ($350.00)


For the days that you’re not wearing Boat Shoes.

Available at Bang Bang Blaanix ($300.00)

Plimsoll-ShoesPlimsoll Shoes

Every guys needs a pair of off-duty plimsoll sneakers. Whether you’re going for ice cream with a significant other or heading for a beer with the boys.

Available at Di Trends ($350.00)

Desert-BootsDesert Boots

A little dressier than sneakers but not as dressy as Wingtips or Loafers. A quick grab for a casual outfit.

Available at Clarks ($800.00)

Wingtip-BootsWingtip Boots

These are perfect for hiking or even jumping on the road for Carnival. They may not look it but they’re as comfortable as ever.

Available at Bang Bang Blaanix ($400.00)

Track-SneakersTrack Sneakers

For the daily run, professional sports or even the Carnival workout.

Available at Adidas Store ($850.00)

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