Harts (always early) & Passion have passed, we’re practically mid bandlaunch season! Yes, it’s a season, and a serious one. In fact, there are usually more attendees at band launches than masqueraders in the band come Carnival Monday. Guess that mid year leggo is too good to resist, or trinis are just big macos. Some people go to four or more launches, sometimes within a fortnight. Even if you’re the more thrifty type, going to just one or two, there are a couple helpful, actually essential things you’ve got to consider.


Bandlaunches Still To Come!

TRIBE – July 19

Ronnie & Caro – July 24

Fantasy – July 26

Paparazzi Carnival – July 31

Yuma – August 9

Islandpeople Mas – August 15

Dream Team – TBA



Getting pickpocketed, fights among drunk patrons, cars stolen or broken into, drunk driving accidents and sexual assaults are a couple potential situations to keep in mind whenever going to an event with a massive crowd. Keep it fun by being prepared.


You’re going to feel like James Bond after 5 minutes in The Security Zone Retail Store. We love the personal alarms. They look like a car alarm remote but they will sound out a 110DB siren at the push of a button! At the very least you’ll probably walk away with a digital breath alcohol tester to assess your driver, or yourself actually.



This time, you’re going to feel like Rambo after 5 minutes in this place. AE Tactical specialises in the offense as well as the defense. Keep in mind that whatever you pick up has to be ok with fete security at the door. No actual weapons.



Be real. This is the first thing you think of once you decide to go to a band launch at all. Your clothing makes the greatest impact on the greatest number of people. You want to be trendy, you want to compliment your body (not the body you wish you had), and you want to be comfortable (leave the 6 inch heels to the models on stage if you can’t handle them).


Bang Bang is one of the few stores that cater youthful, band launch appropriate items for both men and women. And their well stocked branch in POS is ideal for last-minute people, aka, pretty much all trinis.



Pose is recommended window shopping for anyone wondering what the trends are for ladies-who-launch in T&T. International trends are well and good, but what are the socialites rocking HERE?


Indulge Clothing

Woodbrook is the hip district, so of course it’s got clothing boutiques to suit. Indulge Clothing is ideal because besides the location, they’ve got options from low to high end, and from covered to skimpy.



The thing about fashion for men is that they can’t get away with flimsy $100 pieces in the mix. A girl can pair a cheap shirt with a statement shorts but… not really fellas. That means that every piece must be up-to-standard, to withstand wearing and washing. Elite Fashion stocks quality, and keeps up with the trends. You’ll find the brand you’re seeking, and still be able to afford the bandlaunch ticket.



Know yourself. Are you a poser? Or a winer? The answer will help you guide a hair professional to craft your look for the activities you are about to engage in. Bandlaunch-hair does not have to be as hardy as road-hair but it’s not wedding hair either. Well… that might depend on the wedding too. Anyway, get a good hairdresser or barber who will understand what you hair will and won’t do.


Salon Studio by Kerry can give the ladies this season’s in-demand extreme braids, and the fellas a modified ‘gentlemen’, you know, the combover with the shave down one side like you’re having surgery tomorrow. Looks fresh! We promise!



Roberto’s Nu -look has been making an impression in Port of Spain for years. They’re been featured in numerous magazines, fashion shows and pageants. Roberto is fantastic for those who want big hair in particular. And guys are totally welcome here too.



Do not try and tell us that you’ve never heard of Dev’s Barbershop! This spot has become so well known for selling tickets and even performing soca that we thought we’d remind you that it’s one of the best places to get your cut and fade done right.




So who’s your designated driver? And where are you parking? And… why not simplify and hire a car service? Far from ‘travelling’, you could even get together with friends and book a large vehicle (um, maxi) to start the party while in the fete traffic. That’s efficient feting! Kalloo’s is the most trusted name in event transportation in T&T. Their fleet is extensive, with options for limos and maxis. You can also book them to take your foreign friends for a tour the day after the party (if they can wake up for it that is).


Head To Toe Styling


If your head has been down in your work for the past 5 months, basically since Ash Wednesday you might be feeling a little insecure about styling yourself. Zada Zyan is your saviour. They give head-to-toe consultation and styling. You could get your hair, nails and makeup done AND purchase your outfit #allinonestop.



F1RST is always giving away cool stuff to our users. Don’t miss out! Here’s Sonya Cadogan picking up her very own GoPro camera. All she had to do was submit her email address. Stay glued to our facebook page for more opportunities to win!


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