Quality is of a greater concern for men than for women, it’s not the ONLY concern, but the prevailing view is that men own fewer pairs and wear each one more frequently than the ladies. They need to last. That means there’s a trust factor in men’s shoe shopping. We’ve identified our four fave retailers in T&T for balance between quality and style. To expand your search beyond our suggestions we recommend searching ‘Male Shoes’, “Mens Shoes’, ‘Loafers’, and ‘Wingtip’ on F1RST.


Sometimes to walk among the elite, you must step up your game.  Elite Fashion offers you that opportunity!  Their crème de la crème styles are sure to turn heads as well as gift you with that swagger you’ve been searching for!  Add them to your list of go-to stores!



Showing the mark of class is showing great stylish excellence and at Solomon’s Men’s Store, they’ve set the mark pretty high!  Seriously, you’d have to travel pretty far to find anything to compare.  With top brands such as Sarar and Hugo Boss, Solomon’s ensures that you step out like a boss!



When you think of Clarks, you picture their Desert Boot don’t you?  You know, their trademark ankle height boot made out of suede leather!  Well, would you believe they also carry a wide range of styles, both modern and classic, for almost every age and occasion?  As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s totally true, but feel free to check out any of their concept stores for your….shall we call it enlightenment?


Guys who love to shop will have a hard time leaving this store empty handed.  With their focus mainly on the casual look, Yash Shopping and Retail store has everything to keep the young and young at heart looking cool, confident and comfortable!  So pop in and have a look.

Great list right? Next, check out the break-down for Women’s shoes and for Kids’ shoes!


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