T&T might be better known for stew, roti, doubles, pelau, crab ‘n dumpling, macaroni pie or callalloo BUT… our barbeque is also a definite win! Ribs! Wings! Corn! C’mon… if you’re a novice, then let’s do this! #SearchF1RST

First to start, get a grill. Yes one can do wonders with a wheelbarrow and chicken mesh but… be serious. Fens of Marabella has a selection to suit pocket and product. Go large and get a big time brand like Char Broil.  

Fens of Marabella2

Or perhaps you want more than a great grill, maybe you want a whole outdoor kitchen with the most top, topper, toppest grilling beast there is (that matches the current design aesthetic of your home). Head to Cocorite! In the Econo Car compound, right after Peake’s, you will find The Gourmet BBQ Grill Store where the possibilities are endless. They will even do a virtual design like on one of those fancy HGTV shows.

The Gourmet BBQ Grill Store

Second to start, get ya meat! Artie’s is one of T&T’s most trusted importers of U.S. & New Zealand Aged Meat, Tenderloin, Ribeye, T-bone Steaks and whatever else you want really! Fish? Yes man, they have the Kingfish steaks you’re looking for! Or grill up some scallops maybe? 

Arties Gourmet Meats2

Then you need some grill utensils. A tongs, a spatula, you know… utensils. If you didn’t pick them up when buying the grill, Massy Stores is a short trip for exactly what you need. Oh! And coals, of course!

Massy Stores

And a quirky apron! No flowered thing your grandmother normally uses, no no no. Something with personality, and Caboodle Gifts stocks items with personality plus!

Caboodle Gifts

Now get a lil instruction. Our favourite resource is Linda Tubbys ‘Barbecue Bible’, The name says it all, from appetizers to desserts to vegetarian options, and it’s available conveniently at Nigel R. Khan Booksellers.

Nigel R. Khan Booksellers

Or you could be super lazy and make a calculated purchase of the finished product at Bootleggers.



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