A Few ‘Friendly’ Suggestions

If there’s anything better than a sale, it’s new merchandise. Our little birdie (ok he’s not that little actually) on the inside told us that Courts has brought in brand, spankin’ new pieces. We went through the catalogue and found more than a few recommendations for a couple friends. Names have not been changed, you know who you are.


Jason, you should get this sofa & loveseat. The fact is that you’ve had your own place for over a year and the futon is no longer cutting it. You do not need a girlfriend to help you buy furniture. In fact not having furniture might be what is preventing any woman you bring inside your abode to return.

2Marcus, you should get this TV stand. The size is perfect for the smallish space you have in your room, and while that metal trolley shelving thing has been functioning okay so far, what sense does it make to have a top-of-the-line TV and gaming system but set it atop your sister’s hand-me-down? Seriously bro.

3Sarah, PLEASE get this bedroom set. The thing is that no matter what he says we know your husband doesn’t really want his bedroom to be all girly the way it is now. This set is modern, and clean, and looks way more expensive than it is. You’re getting the bedframe, dresser & mirror, chest, and a nightstand, everything you need. Your queen mattress will fit it.


Nicole, we heard about the major mishap during moving with your table. Ouch. That’s what happens when you try to save money by asking your brother’s wotless friends to help you move huh. Courts will deliver if you want (take it) so that this time the glasstop will find it’s way into your dining nook INTACT. Plus, this one is way cute and look at the price! You love us, you’re welcome.


Kareem, your bed needs an upgrade. You’re about to be made permanent staff at the firm and we think you should celebrate by purchasing this frame & mattress, instead of taking your girlfriend out to Brazilian steakhouse dinner and ordering the $900 wine to look baller. This way she can actually sleep over after your movie date instead. You can totally get wine at IMAX btw.


Jeanine & Rodney, your wedding date looms after living together for a few years now. We completely understand that without a solid commitment, home improvement probably seemed foolish before. We see you these days though! Over the last three months you guys replaced the windows, repainted, and bought a TV for your bedroom. Well, we suggest that you complete the love den so that when you cross the threshold at the end of the wedding night for socially accepted reproductive activity, it feels like a fresh start. Grab this set of bedframe, dresser & mirror, chest, and nightstand, it’s just your style (Yes Jeanine, it’s Ashley!).


Jeanine & Rodney again. No we’re not suggesting that you get both, but we want to point out this one as well because it’s also fabulous, and it comes with all the pieces of the other one plus a new mattress! A fresher fresh start for not that much more money.


Sean, we know how hard it was to be the executor of your dad’s will, and keeping the house in the family seems to be confirmed as the right decision by now. You’ve said that you are ready to make the place more your own, and when we saw this king sized bed frame, dresser & mirror, chest, and nightstand we couldn’t help but smile. That polished plantation style is totally you, but would definitely have gotten a nod of approval from him. Is this a hugely insensitive suggestion? We hope not.

Want to browse all the new stuff yourself? See the full Courts New Furniture brochure here

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