Do not believe your dad when he says he doesn’t want a father’s day gift. He might not need one, but every dad appreciates being recognised for the difficult job he does. You probably want to do a little assessment of yourself and the challenges you have presented him this year to figure out your budget. For most of you, it might rival the production budget for Jurassic World. All kidding aside, we turned to Courts because they have budget help for you with their credit program. Just for Father’s Day they’ll pay your first installment on 18 month & over accounts! This offer is only around until this Saturday (20th), so you might want to hurry… So actual, specific suggestions including prices, here we go:


It really is the number one gift for men. We totally did a survey, and not just in our office. Plus, FLOW Flicks HBO is FREE for 2 months when you purchase any TV and sign up for FLOW’s Advanced Video service.


Big or small, a Smart TV is required if your dad is a techie. The TCL Smart TVs have a special appeal this year because 25 people who purchase one before July 11th are going to win a Netflix subscription FREE for a whole year. Those odds are sounding good to sweeten his gift even more.


 Potentially change his life. Really, that’s what we’re suggesting with this one. Making that jump to connecting his home to the world wide web is a going to seem like a super complicated, expensive gift to him but… it’s totally do-able/affordable this rounds. You actually get a FREE speed upgrade for 3 months when you purchase any computer (or laptop) and sign up for FLOW’s Broadband service.


So he’s got a great TV, he has the services he wants, a mini fridge in his man cave… now give it that theatre feel with the sound to suit! We suggest that you hook it up for him, then put on a movie like… Star Wars, or T2, anything with iconic sound design and surprise him.


Dad needs to be flexible. He needs to take his work and hobbies with him if he wants to. Also, on Wednesdays when you open a 12 month credit account to buy any laptop $2999 and above, you get 10% off any cell phone (or buy any desktop computer and get 15% off any printer).


If he doesn’t already have his own space in his home, then do it for him. The combo deals on offer can help you out here. Might we suggest that you take a browse by the mini fridges while you’re in store, and (if it’s his cup of man tea) the Playstation 4s ($4999 or $67 weekly y’all).

 You should also know that on Saturday 20th (the day before Father’s Day) Courts is hosting a bunch of activities, and it’s NOT just Megastore action either.


Fit Addicts Movement “Rugged Man” Challenge

7If your dad is a rugged dad then let him show off! (Megastore, Chaguanas, and Lowlands)

MK Promotions Car Display


Hot cars rolling out at the megastore, and car audio for sale inside too. (Megastore only)

Punch Out


Here’s the challenge: four guys battle to make the best punch using KitchenAid 5 speed Blenders. Tasty chaos to ensue!

Megastore, San Fernando, Piggott St, and Lowlands

Shujin Fashion Display & Runway Presentation


Yes, there is such a thing as dad jeans, and no, none of the models will be wearing them. This one is for fashion forward fathers. (Megastore only)

Become a YoProFessional


The career minded dad will be way into this personal branding session featuring Marlene Roberts, powered by YoPro. (Megastore only)


Male Pampering


Dads complain only moms get pampered, so they’re treating guys to massages, pedicures & haircuts. (Megastore, San Fernando, Chaguanas, and Piggott St)

All locations will have eats, drinks and more fun activities. So it’s a good day to head to Courts even if you aren’t particularly interested in Father’s Day deals.

See the whole Courts brochure of Specials

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