Purchasing shoes for your child (children, your sister’s children, godchildren or whoever) can be daunting. You need quality, but you’re dealing with picky customers apt to throw tantrums if they don’t like your choices. Also these shoes will need to take on stress, like playground level stress. Consider all your options and #SearchF1RST. We suggest keywords like ‘Infant Wear’, ‘Children’s Shoes’, or ‘Kids Shoes’. Here’s our four faves to get you started:


It would be next to impossible to walk through a shopping mall or liming spot in Trinidad and not see scores of young people in this highly popular brand and who could blame them?  Converse has become the fashion choice for our children and youth with their vibrant colours and trendsetting fashions, but more impressive is their rich history of being one of the top choices for athletes and celebrities around the world!  Converse really is more than just sneakers… it’s a lifestyle!



Being by far one of the most well-acquainted locales for shoe shopping for the entire family, Payless also offers the latest styles and best brands for infants, toddlers and kids of all ages.  Their friendly and helpful staff has been known to get even the crankiest tot fitted with the best, their shoes are always adorable and the prices are always on point.  Certainly most mothers’ #1 choice!



Take a walk on the wild side at Children’s Jungle in Chaguanas!  All parents know that shopping for kids’ shoes is more than just a cosmetic pursuit.  You’re lucky if you come out of it with your sanity!  Children’s jungle makes it easier though with the cutest selections you’ll ever see. Definitely worth a visit!



Despite being a mouthful to say, The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club Trinidad is a royal revelation!  They are the only store in Trinidad to carry the exclusive Berkshire brand and though they are more of a man’s store, they also display the coolest kids’ line of shoes period!  We all know father-son matching combinations are heaven!

Great list right? Next, check out the break-down for Men’s shoes and for Women’s shoes!


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