We’re NOT talking about makeup, clothes, nails and hair, we’re not even talking facial. We’re talking Hollywood approved methods of drastic rejuvenation available right here in T&T. Some may be pricey, some not as much as you think, but for those of us with unique issues, or just sick and tired of looking sick and tired, #SearchF1RST for even seemingly far-fetched keywords, because your major make-over awaits!


If your frown lines and crow’s feet are getting you down you just might want to consider botox or dermal fillers. They’ve been around for quite awhile now, and the results are undeniable (just DON’T overdo!). Get your free consultation at Spa Specialist Suite because they are going to be the best at determining if you’re a good candidate for this quick, non surgical treatment with minimal downtime.

chemical-peelChemical Peel

Get ready to feel like a banana! The whole idea behind a chemical peel is to destroy parts of the skin, in a controlled way, so that new skin will grow and take its place. You can do this at Serpentine Road Dermatology where they apply a chemical solution (of course) to the skin and allow it to soak in. Over the next 1 to 14 days, depending on how deeply the chemical penetrated the skin, the skin peels off. Book your consult, this may be the rejuvenation you’re longing for.


If going chemical is still too much for you, then maybe you want major exfoliation! Using a specialised tool the technicians at Donna’s Skin Studio break up the stratum corneum, which the body interprets as a mild injury and rushes to replace the lost skin cells. Lil swelling, lil redness at first. Your skin’s surface is improved, possibly dealing with your sun damage, blemishes and fine lines. Also, creams are more effective afterwards because they can now get to the lower layers of skin.

Teeth-WhiteningTeeth Whitening

We’re looking at you brides! Coffee stains are not cute. In fact, even without obvious staining, you’d be surprised how different you look when you go down just a couple shades. The BleachBright system offered at Whitemax Smile Studio features state-of-the-art technologies that are safe and cost-effective. It uses a blue light and a whitening gel solution to get results in just minutes.

Lipocell-Cellulite-TreatmentLipocell Cellulite Treatment

We could tell you all about the cellular wall of adipocitis, lipolysis, and implosion of micro-bubbles but instead we’ll just say that The Face & Body Clinic Limited can hook you up with all of it, using the Gold Standard frequency of Longwave ultrasound which enables the energy to penetrate further and ‘reach’ deeper fatty layers, working them intensely. Plus, their ultrasound technology is non invasive, involves no radiation and avoids possible hazards such as bleeding, infection or reaction to chemicals. They also do some cool stuff with laser therapy for skin care, tattoo removal, hair removal and thread veins removal.

Tickle-LiposuctionTickle Liposuction

Tickle Lipo (or Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture) could be a great choice for you if you are cautious about surgery (you should be right?), as it does not use heat or ultrasound, and there is a feature to ensure non-fatty tissue is not damaged. Patients say it tickles, hence the name. It’s a new form of gentle, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery using a low frequency infrasonic vibration to remove the most stubborn and unwanted fat by liquefying fat cells, available at Metamorphosis Medical Ltd. If you were considering lipo before, tickle lipo is actually 25% faster than other traditional treatments too.

Varicose-Vein-RemovalVaricose Vein Removal

You can use lasers for so many things! We could have featured laser hair removal, and TULIP (The Ultrasound & Laser Integrated Practice) offers that too, but let’s go all the way to vein removal. Cuz ya know, with age comes many lovely things, but for some it includes prominent, bulgy, spidery veins, on the legs and other places. Removal is possible! Go get your free consultation.

We hope this list has helped you, because when considering any of these procedures the most important thing is to choose your practitioner carefully. The ones we have listed will do proper assessments and never pressure you (review them on F1RST!). Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t beautiful they way you are, but don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for using these methods for a pick-me-up either.


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