Now popping up in pharmacies across T&T, the products from BABE Laboratories are designed for sensitive skin. They sent across a couple of their bestsellers for us to try ourselves, and we figure if Buzzfeed can do it…

On a real, Caribbean people have a really wide range of skin issues, maybe because we come from such a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, or maybe it doesn’t matter where your great grandmother was from, it’s just that our climate is hot and humid, or environmental factors at our workplaces, or our diet, or maybe the bad skin fairy is a West Indian? While we examine all that, we just want skin care products that do not cause irritation, redness, breakouts, scabs, scars, infection and discoloration. Especially for those of us with conditions like ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema, hyperkeratosis, or diabetes.

Here’s how it went for 6 of our employees/friends-in-need who selected a product each:


I decided to toss it into my gym bag for post-workout showering so it would be a REAL test, ha ha. I have skin that dries out very easily, but I don’t take it on too much and just moisturise a couple times throughout the day. I have never bothered to actively purchase dry skin or sensitive skin products. The first thing I noticed is that there is no smell. I hate soaps and gels with flowery or musky scents. It definitely gets me clean, though it has a harder time with getting off my deoderant (I use really strong stuff). The only thing that takes getting used to is that it doesn’t lather very much. That was a big change for me because I had been using a slippery gel before. The BABE body wash keeps me from drying out for much longer. Also the packaging isn’t made to appeal to just women, I appreciate that  – Daren


I hate, hate, hate feeling greasy. So I’m always miserable, either dry and itchy and moisturised and slippery.  This was actually a really good middle ground.  No ashiness, and no greasiness. And the fragrance is really, really mild so it didn’t compete with my cologne – Nicholas


I used the aloe after shaving and it gave my face the softness usually reserved for baby’s derrieres and prevented razor bumps which is a huge determining factor for me. Two thumbs up – Jarrell

*After this particularly raving review we decided to send the aloe around to a bunch of people, and… everyone. loved. it. Everyone.


My skin was in need of a serious overhaul, as I suffer from intensely dry skin. There are very few products that mesh well with my skin as most are highly scented. BABE’s formula is very lightly scented, if at all, intensely moisturizing and a little goes a long way. My skin was moisturized for the entire day. I used it everyday for a month, and the improvement was clear to myself, and admirers. Visibly cracked surfaces that were prominent before have now faded away – Hannah

I have psoriasis. It’s awful, especially on my outer arms where I regularly have dry, flaking patches about the size of a drink coaster. They are painful, and unsightly. Little kids always ask their embarrassed mother’s what’s wrong with me. I’m used to it. I live applying creams. This one said it is an, “aid in treatments of skin conditions that present cutaneous dryness” so it’s not claiming to be a cure or a medicine necessarily, but I was hoping it would give me comfort during my day. Well, it kept my skin cool, and NOT ITCHING. I would say, success. I’m happy to re-apply now and then. This looks like it could be a permanent part of my treatment, and I’m taking it with me to my next dermatologist appointment – Rebecca


Even though I noticed cellulite starting to appear on my hips and butt about 3 years ago I very quickly gave up trying to treat it because heavy creams just make me break out there, NOT cute. In fact, I kind of always have a sprinkling of spots just cuz of friction from sitting I guess. So I reluctantly agreed to try this. Immediate observation, it doesn’t feel heavy, it feels… glossy. I put it on every morning right out of the shower, and though the box says to wait 3 months before judging it, I would say I am way optimistic based on just the immediate benefits to my skin texture.  A week later and… no spots. For the first time in, I would say, 2 years. I’m not about to go get a thong bikini or anything but maybe my boyfriend will finally convince me to try that thing, with the lights on”Sara (not her real name, ha)

Coming soon – test results on the kids line!

We don’t have any actual children working for us, I mean… it’s illegal. If you have an infant or toddler with problem skin, send me an email at for me to arrange samples for you.

Want to try it yourself? Here’s where to find BABE:



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