You can’t depend on foreign trend forecasting to guide you in T&T, due in part to climate, part to event calendar, part to… we just take more convincing for some things to go mainstream.

The special invite get-together for the new Tommy Hilfiger Spring Collection at The Falls at West Mall was an opportunity to maco actual Trinbagonian fashionistas and identify OUR trends. Here’s what we found in full force.

1-Modern-ThemeRock’n’Roll garden wedding. White & green dominated, clear glass framed it all. Finally, events that are themed, not costumed. And within that theme, too many local weddings are all princess and bling, despite that lame train leaving the station a decade ago. The Tommy girl is definitely a grown up, with edge AND refined taste. Also, the DJ booth was a major conversation starter.

2-Red-LipsA wide range of reds were standing out all over the place, especially considering the surrounding neutrals. The more daring, progressive ladies took it a step further with turquoise eyeliner.

3-New-NeutralThe Tommy tendency is toward red and blue, and certain pieces, like these shoes (and can we just say, “woah!”) have enough gray to actually make blue a neutral. Super smart, considering that many men appreciate style that doesn’t scream. *Btw, model Russell Wilkinson told them how much he liked these and they gave them to him as a gift!

4-Quality-UnderwearUsed to be men in Trinidad bought underwear annually. Abroad. The good stuff is here boys. We saw several men bee line for the discretely displayed boxes in the back.

5-Style-InfluencersCelebs at fashion events in T&T can be tricky. Often they stick out like a seriously sore thumb wearing the complete opposite of the fashion the event celebrates, not here. Models like Leah Marville, Jamie Lee Phillips and Russell Wilkinson, photographers like Kibwe Brathwaite and Laura Ferreira, designers like Darcel de Vlugt and Tanya Rhule, and style bloggers like Ceola Belix and Mel Gabriel were all spot on for style. Desha Rambhajan was by far our favourite, especially as she’s a tough ‘get’, you won’t find her at any and every event. *Also, she was dressed in Tommy head-to-toe, and the sweater you see on Tiffany Aleman is Tommy too.

6-ShopportunityThe specially invited guests were encouraged to take advantage of a 20% discount that night. This is both ego boosting for guests, and plain old good business.

7-Fabulous-FabricsParty wear for Trinidadians is too often seen as disposable, wear-once-and-move-on. That might be because what’s available is wash-once-and-fall-apart. The crowd at the event indicated a need for party, dinner, work and casual wear made of quality fabrics that look great wash after wash.

8-Live-ModelsWhen a mannequin won’t cut it, but a runway show is too formal. Tommy’s models lingered in a group near the entrance, dressed fabulously in pieces not even available yet. We predict this will start happening at all kinds of events, kind of like paid-for dancers, but these will be paid-for be cool-ers.

9-FitJust. love. good. fit. The dressing rooms were busy, and these casual trousers, in a fabric and colour that make them stand out without screaming, were a hit.

10-Branding-TouchesDown to the servers wore Tommy Hilfiger clothing. Shirts, bow ties, and napkins for guests to take, where a pocket square would usually be. Creative. Classy.

11-BonusHere’s that unusual and on-point DJ Booth we mentioned earlier. Shout out to Shyguy who was working it at the tables!


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