10013799_10152064306778651_198284556_nTrinbagonians may or may not respond to $5 doubles with buying less doubles (if they do, there’s a good chance the price may go back to $4 – that’s if your doubles vendor ever raised the price), but we responded immediately with online outrage and satire in the form of memes. Here are our faves that circulated within the first 48 hours:

Giggle giggle, Funny because an increase in the price of oil is the only possible explanation, but… hang on diesel still pretty cheap…


Ah yes, there’s a version using Premium gas too.


Ha ha ha


Kyah Kyah Kyah Kyah


Har de har har


Oh pfffffffffffffft.

Then came the memes telling everyone to calm down, it wasn’t some kind of nationwide doubles vendors association decision


Some got really specific about which doubles in particular. Shout out to Looptt.com for their article on 5 spots where doubles are still $4


Then there are memes calling out what some have determined as hypocrisy



Jokes aside, this is actually a serious issue in a wider context than your personal breakfast budget (if the price increase does become accepted across the nation)


And should all else fail, help to make your own doubles at home has been getting shared around a whole lot


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