The biopic of rap group NWA, ‘Straight Outta Compton’ is a massive worldwide hit, including in Trinidad & Tobago, where we simultaneously demonize and worship American culture. The reviews of the movie have been overwhelmingly positive with a 90% fresh rating on, though some thoughtful criticisms have been making the rounds as well, like this one from the lead singer of the melodic southern rap group Arrested Development, and a “woah!” piece from journalist Dee Barnes who claims, Here’s What’s Missing From Straight Outta Compton: Me and the Other Women Dr. Dre Beat Up.

Now, the movie would have likely been a hit no matter what, but… we witnessed a brilliant marketing move courtesy Beats by Dre (in partnership with Universal) that encouraged everyone to rep their ‘hood with pride the way NWA did back in the day, this time via a meme generator that allows people to alter the movie’s title and upload a photo if they want.
According to an article by The Hollywood Reporter three junior Beats employees came up with the idea.


The Serena Williams one that was featured on the site the day it was launched (Aug 5th) has been credited with helping spark the trend, and trend it did. Since its launch on Aug. 5, the site has had over 6 million downloads of the meme. It simultaneously trended No. 1 two days in a row across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and, during that time, there were an average of 15,000 #Straightoutta tweets and retweets per minute.

So did Trinis contribute to the trend and rep themselves by posting pics with #straightouttatrinidad? Some.

credit - drummerque1 on IG, trinikidswagg on IG, Joseph Baksh on Twitter, jasondthomas on IG.

credit – drummerque1 on IG, trinikidswagg on IG, Joseph Baksh on Twitter, jasondthomas on IG.

Did they get more specific about their ‘hood? A few did, yeh.

credit - narushinta on IG, Darren Cheewah on fb, DJ TRINI SHOTTA on Tumblr & realching on IG.

credit – narushinta on IG, Darren Cheewah on fb, DJ TRINI SHOTTA on Tumblr & realching on IG.


Lots of folks posted Nicki Minaj in the same vein as the Serena Williams post, but our favourite international celebrity to be stamped as #Straightouttatrinidad is definitely….


…Adéwalé from Assasin’s Creed! Yeh Yeh! Posted by theicewarrior13 on IG. Then to continue in the celebrity vein, Brian Lara got stamped. But instead of inspiring pride in a country or neighborhood…


…it’s about a secondary school, Fatima College (foreigners take note – in Trinidad, secondary school loyalty is kind of like University loyalty for you). But while this one was all about pride, another was more about…


Irony. Con-vent is two syllables and shares the ‘Co” at the start with Comp-ton, and this is about as institutional a photo you can find of one of the most prestigious schools in all of T&T. The creator is also likely aware of how much Holy Name and Holy Faith girls resent SJC girls claiming the title of “Convuuuuunt” (well, I know the creator is aware because it was me, ha!)

It wasn’t long before it got political…


But before you start to feel bad for our former Prime Minister, the next one is a doozy…


If you don’t ‘get it’, you need to watch this video from way back in April 2013. If you think you remember the video – re-watch it, it’s been edited, and we just love that Ice Cube made it into this version. So apropo. This wasn’t the only one that proved that Trinis have ‘long brain’…


Terese! Just when the talk about that talk had finally died down. This one was so good we stole the title of this blog from it. Thank you… whoever you are who created it!

Basically what started happening en masse was smartass plays on words. We are after all the nation of double entendre. So, here we go…


Nice one Darren (Artist Darren Cheewah). You know there’s another one with thinly veiled trini cuss-slang…


To which we say, “Bwahhhhhh hahahahahahaha”. Good job Rhys (Drummer of 5 Miles to Midnight/Fashionisto Rhys Thompson). Now, why have we waited so long for a reference to food?


Yes! Though if you don’t mind a little constructive criticism, it should have probably been a pic of just the grease paper.

Current events would not escape the meme either. Especially not this one that occurred a mere two weeks before the meme launch…


They really walked straight out. Then there are those who jump and boat right out…


So yeh, that was fast! And it would have been our favourite, except that it’s getting competition from another, due to cultural relevance, attention to detail (note the Beats by Dre logo altered at the bottom), and opportunism…


Well yes! No pic needed, and considering how much alleged load-shedding has been going on lately it is the most relevant.


Know who originally created any that we featured? If we didn’t credit it then, we genuinely don’t know. Have another we should add? Tell us in the comments.

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