We’ve been counting down the days to February 16th and 17th since… well, since the last time Flipo’s song played at the cooldown on Ash Wednesday 2014. The sad cries of, “Doh tell me dat done” still echo in our minds as we painfully recall that it did, in fact “done”. But as quickly as it left it will return, in fact it already has, since just about December 26th! Unfortunately, instead of counting six weeks from Boxing Day until fete tickets buying, it was six weeks until glorious Carnival weekend itself. With this short space in mind we’ve come up with a few tips to help you survive such a hectic Carnival season.


Event Tickets

The best way to start preparation for the short Carnival Season is to make a wishlist in December of all the events that you you’d like to attend, then closely monitor relevant Facebook pages to see when tickets drop. Remember, links disappear coming closer to the event! Procure the most important part as early as possible. If you realize that you can’t access the tickets that you want then you might want to check this blog by TrinidadCarnivalDiary.com out.

Event-WearEvent Wear

You definitely don’t want to be that person in formal wear on a cooler cruise! There is specific wear for specific events, you don’t have to try so hard. Remember, heels plus porta-tiles equals broken ankles.


Let’s face it, you’re probably going to be hitting every event that you can in such a short space of time and you’re not paying all that money to NOT drink. You’re going to be boozed out of your mind and we don’t blame you! We do, however encourage you to be safe on the roads as well. Arrive Alive people. There are a few taxi services that you can personally hire to take you to and from each fete safely and at affordable prices such as Kalloo’s Taxi Services and ABX Shuttle Services. This way you can drink til you puke and party til your heels hurt without worrying about how you’re going to get home. Enjoy!

A-Good-TeamA Good Team

No fete is a proper fete without your friends around you. Your team is an essential ingredient for surviving this season. They encourage to keep partying to get your money’s worth as well as endorse the bad decisions that lead to great stories the following week. You should definitely send them this blog to prepare as well! 😉 #TeamUp


We’re all familiar with the sunrise fetes that finish at 7 on a Monday morning or the duck work cruises that start at 11am on a Friday. Regardless of which it is, we’ll need one sick relative or one dead goldfish to make this plan work. Yes, the key to this plan is an excuse about why we won’t be at work that’s believable enough for our boss to buy into. As for our bosses, we believe that we should get that week off due to “cultural purposes”.


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