Most fetes are separated into general and “VIP”, the biggest difference between them is the ticket price. The secondary difference is a sense of self importance in VIP. Paying for pride is pretty lame, but you know what’s lamer? Having to fight down for it! The biggest fight down for self importance for a party is known as the “VVIP” or the “Check me allyuh, I’m important” aka Backstage. Don’t get me wrong, some people are suppose to be there but 73.4% of them aren’t. Where are you when it comes to the fight down?



Artistes – But of course

Promoter – He/She running the whole thing, they must be there

Staff including emcee(s), dancers, band members, technicians, bartenders and cleaners – If you are paid to be there, then be there by all means

Artiste Management – Very necessary to make sure the artiste gets everything contractually agreed upon with the promoter

Sponsors – A representative of every sponsor should be present to ensure their brand gets everything contractually agreed upon with the promoter

Security – Well oh gosh


pretty-LegitCommittee Members – Promoters know that backstage access is half the reason people agree to hawk your tickets these days

Paparazzi – If no one photographs it, did it happen?

Media – If no one publishes a pic or a word, will it happen again?


Kinda-LegitEntourages – That is, entourages of artistes, the promoter, sponsors, or anyone on the legit list (except staff, allyuh have work to do right through). If you are important to the event, then the one or five people rolling with you are also important. You know, to drive you there, to keep you calm, and make you appear big time since you are able to get everyone on the inside.


Kinda-SuspectOther promoters – Big time macomere scene, but no promoter is turning you down for fear of looking sour.

Artistes not performing – Big lime time, and macomere ting again.

DJs, Radio Announcers, Dancers, etc not performing – The networking is sweet, but just know yuh place.

Too big entourages / entourages for too small artistes – Seriously? Hopefully no one saw how long yall had to wait by the artiste entrance #shame


suspectGroups of two or more girls with no industry ties – Groupie status achieved

Random man not dressed for this kind of fete – Like he got lost on the way to the boat ride. Then again, if he is in then… why don’t you know who he is? Maybe YOU are the uninformed pleb.


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