Now that the Ice Bucket Challenge craze has died down a bit, we thought it appropriate to do a lil’ look-back. The last time Trinis took on an internet video trend was a year and a half ago for the Harlem Shake. This time the Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon wasn’t just getting giggles, it was collecting cash, especially for the ALS Association (donate by clicking here), which is very cool. The most significant thing is that the money wasn’t just being re-routed from one charity to another by people/companies who would have been donating anyway, the challenge was motivating unique donations. Despite the fact that doing the challenge is technically to AVOID donating, most of the challengers we’ve compiled seem to be passing cash anyway. Trini celebrity and creativity combine for this list! Get ready to scroll, click and laugh!

Yuma VibeBest Pouring Method – Yuma Vibe 

They went next level, industrial level. If ice bucket challenges were shoes, they are wearing steel tip boots while everyone else is dancing around in ballet flats. Shout out to other bands who stepped up like Tribe Carnival Band and Island People Mas (who’s vid has most views of any Carnival band). 

Samantha JohnBest Thief Head – Samantha John

Watch it if you don’t know why. Shout out to other broadcasters and radio personalities Sampson Nanton, Ashleia Baksh, and the TV6 group including Kristy Ramnarine and Sergeant Alexander.

Ventures Field Hockey ClubBest Bucket Brigade of Kids! – Ventures Field Hockey Club

Their littlest members made this SO cute. Plus these ladies don’t play, they nominated Minister of National Security, Gary Griffith! Woi! Woi! Shout out to Jaime John Garcia whose adorable son appears as his super excited accomplice, and to beautiful Sanyah and Nuby, who will probably make you cry, watch theirs at your own risk!

DigicelBiggest CEO – Digicel

John Delves took it like a champ with about three extra buckets. He then says it was, “slightly cold”. Lol!  

Russell Latapy,Most Dangerous – Russell Latapy,

Kudos for doing it wearing shorts in what appears to be some very cold part of the world! One commenter identifies it as Inverness, Scotland, where yesterday the temperature was 11 degrees celsius. Yikes! Jury’s out on if his feet are in cold or warm water. Shout out to his fellow athletes Darren Sammy, Darren Bravo (bess scream), Njisane Phillip (full-on abs flashing), and Dwight Yorke

Brian LaraMost Awkward – Brian Lara 

He’s practising his putting barefoot when the camera ‘interrupts’ him. The Prince of Port of Spain then gives his pre-soaking speech a bit like a politician. But seriously he’s the most prestigious person on our list basically, and he take the wet down. 

ScorchMost Informative – Scorch

They give a good explanation of what ALS is on-screen (then look out for gorgeous bikinis).  UWI STA Guild would have won this except their ALS info comes AFTER the pay off, so they’ve run the risk of people stopping watching after the water drop. 

SwappiBest All Kinda Ting – Swappi 

Four buckets (in a 4D). This one takes Best Video Production Value, Best Use of his Own Song, Best Robe and… Best Jig. His moves in between buckets cannot be explained, they must be seen. Shout out to fellow soca artistes JW & Blaze (Myles, what’s with the sideways start?), and Shal Marshall

Imtiaz AliBest Costume – Imtiaz Ali/Trini Batman

Why Batman? He explains, “Be a hero, take the challenge and donate”. We wish he had attempted the Christian Bayle voice though, especially the part when he says, “Ok, trow de water on meh now”. Shout out to the foreigner who put on her entire Carnival Costume including the headpiece to shoot her challenge and to Stephen Hadeed Jr who suited up! Barney would be proud. 

Jehue GordonMost Logical Location – Jehue Gordon 

Shower. Duh. Shout out to Sdeon Mahadeo who had the same idea. 

RingleaderBest Recovery Tactic – Ringleader

Takes him about 3 seconds to dash to the shower for warm water, or maybe cold water, just less cold! Shout out to Punchy Punch which shows off their recovery method too… a shot!

Keron MartinMost Hardcore – Keron Martin

First he does it normal, then there’s the full immersion. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. 

Chris Gayle

BONUS! Best Ending – Chris Gayle

We know, he’s not Trini… but we just HAD to include him, or whoever edited this version maybe. Lol! Plus, this vid has over 14,000 views, which blows away EVERYONE else on this list. 

Thinking about where you can donate to local causes? #SearchF1rst for NGOs and you will find great charitable organisations like The United Way, The Blind Welfare Association, The Rape Crisis Society of T&T and The Credo Foundation for Justice. Happy giving! 


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