The assumption is that you have to be famous to have a wikipedia, but that’s only kind of true. Often, Wikipedians are famous within a niche, as we will now prove:

Sintra-Arunte-BronteSintra Arunte-Bronte got a boat, a race course and a Swiss watch named after her, all because she wore a wet, clingy, orange t-shirt, featuring just the word “Jamaica”, in a 1972 poster. All true, we swear, take a read yourself.


John Mohammed Butt can tell you Soap Opera 1 – Taliban 0. This former hippie, now islamic scholar, managed to influence the Taliban to not outlaw radio. What? How you ask? Read up.

Annie-DookhanAnnie Dookhan is a former chemist in a Massachusetts crime lab who admitted to falsifying evidence affecting up to 34,000 cases… yikes! Hundreds of convictions have been overturned so far. Wait until you read how she sometimes added cocaine to samples.

Lord-WoodbineLord Woodbine is a Calypsonian regarded by some as the musical mentor of THE BEATLES. Yes, THE Beatles. He’s sometimes called the “sixth Beatle”! Why isn’t he super famous, at least in T&T? Change that and click to his wiki.

Teresa-LourencoTeresa Lourenco is the most famous Trini model you’ve probably never heard of, she’s worked with Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Valentino, and Christian Dior. She has been on the cover of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. Read up on who she’s signed with these days and which music videos you can youtube to see her in motion.

Michael-XMichael X… well, there’s a lot to read. Highlights, let’s see… John Lennon once bailed him out of jail. In fact, Lennon and Yoko Ono even donated a bag of their hair to be auctioned for the benefit of Michael’s commune called ‘the Black House’ in London. The Black House was the site of an incident known as “the slave collar affair”, then burned down mysteriously. He fled to T&T, created another commune, which burned down too somehow, then when police investigated that fire they discovered two hacked up bodies in shallow graves. Wait until you hear who one of the victims was. Further highlights include alleged indecent photographs of Princess Margaret, and well… his execution.

Vashtie-KolaVashtie Kola was once declared the “Curator of Cool” by the freaking New York Times. She has her own Jordans. Not owns a pair, collaborated with brand Jordan to create them, and was the first female to ever to do that. It sold out in days. Now she has her own Beats too. Then there’s the time LA Reid asked her to re-vamp Island Def Jam. Um, also… look yes read the whole wiki on her.

Keron-ThomasKeron Thomas might sound like the name of a Trini you know, like a man from Vale, but no, not that one. One random day in May ‘93 in NYC, this 16 year old Trini kid decided to just go drive the A train and got away with it for over 3 hours. Nobody noticed because he did a decent job. The rest of his story on wiki is a lot darker, but pretty fascinating.

Tarita-VirtueTarita Virtue gets points for her name alone. Tarita was once called “The Sexiest Private Investigator in America”. PLEASE do a google image search for her after you read her wikipedia.

Pete-de-FreitasPete de Freitas replaced a drum machine to became a part of cult status rock band Echo & the Bunnymen in 1979. So that’s cool, but pay attention to the lines about when he tried to form a new band called ‘The Sex Gods’. Read why that didn’t work out.

There are actually lots of trinis on wikipedia, it’s full of our musicians, politicians, creatives and activists. Many of them are totally inspiring, though you may not have heard of MOST of them. Do a search. It’s worth it.


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