After an extremely short, fun, packed Carnival season where at a point there were five different BIG fetes on the same night, here’s a handy reference guide for the most important stuff:

Carnival 2015 was the year that…

  • Every other meme featured “Party Done”.
  • Plenty costumes were suddenly for sale on facebook
  • Soca Monarch title holders were no longer required to defend their crown in both Power and Groovy categories.
  • Social media was good. After thousands of Soca Monarch fans tweeted in anger when Sekon Sta, Preedy and 5 Star Akil did not qualify for finals, Digicel introducing the wildcard option.
  • Social media was bad. More than a few feuds/controversies played out publicly; fans vs fans , fans vs artistes (Bunji lyric is NOT “Indians”), and artistes vs artistes (Bunji brakesing Machel’s collaboration tweets).
  • Groovy tunes became more powerful, and Power tunes got more groove. It was often hard to tell the difference.
  • Big, uptown fetes had the same big band shows over and over. A combo of Machel, Vikings, and Roy Cape crew… Olatunji and Kerwin were basically the only artistes to get major bookings on their own.
  • Artiste fetes came into their own. Kes Tuesday, sell off. Kerwin DuBois Circles, rave reviews. QOB Wednesday, Destra got serious cred. Machel Monday, well boi!
  • Monday Wear went mainstream, with scores of new designers on the scene and patrons paying up to four figures just to deck out on Carnival Monday.
  • Calls to give separate accolades for “road march” and “stage march” got louder.
  • Flesh coloured fishnets and flash tattoos were the new must-have accessories.
  • Music videos were few but pretty good. Benjai…. Machel…. Destra’s animated a$$. But the clear winner was Massy Stores with the dancing bread and fish, oh and the wine jamming on a jam wining back.
  • Flag crew fetes suffered. WASA and Fire buss. Licensing and RAMA did not even happen. Army was the exception.
  • The Savannah Stage actually flowed smoothly.
  • The Socadrome was a huge success.
  • Amber Rose wined on someone you know.
  • There was no rain on the road at all, not for Kiddies, not for Monday, not for Tuesday.


  • Water, lots and lots of water.
  • Sports drinks (like Gatorade) to replenish electrolytes.
  • Toast or crackers – carbs can help bring your blood sugar levels back up the morning after. Low blood sugar can lead you to be irritable and tired.
  • Greasy Food – What you eat after drinking doesn’t matter—it’s what you eat before all those Jagerbombs that can help lessen the pain the next day. Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol, and the longer it takes the alcohol to reach your bloodstream.
  • More alcohol (just stay drunk, right?)



  • Digicel Groovy Soca Monarch: 1) Olatunji  2) Farmer Nappy 3) Ricardo Drue
  • NLCB Power Soca Monarch: 1) Machel Montano 2) Iwer George 3) Granny (Nikki Crosby)
  • Road March Champion: Machel Montano: “Like A Boss”
  • Panorama Champion (Large Band, Conventional): Massy All Stars
  • Large Band of the Year: Massy All Stars (Yes, they won for playing AND masquerading)
  • Medium Band of the Year: K2K Alliance

  • The Dos and Dont’s of Post-Carnival Posting on Social Media


… & the Closest Thing to a Cure for PCD – keep the Soca flowing! 


Private Ryan Mix –

Parliament Mix –

Dei Musicale Mix –

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