We’ve given you a list of options for venues hosting #MayPac viewing parties in T&T, but for those of you who just aren’t feeling for a crowd, or the drink prices at a bar, or wearing clothing while you watch, you CAN get it right in your own home. Sportsmax will be showing it, with 2 options for viewing. Here’s to the homebodies!


Flow can give you the MaxPak (Digicel SportsMax and Digicel SportsMax2) for just the month. It will run you $84.99. Call them, arrange.


For just $50 (about the same $$$ as one martini) 3000 Digicel customers will get exclusive access to the Digicel Sportsmax live HD stream of the fight. Digicel customers can text *700# and if they have made the golden group they will receive a personal single use code on Friday May 1st at 5pm. Enter the code at www.digicelsportsmax.com/fightnight the night of the fight, Saturday 2nd May, from 830pm to take in every blow. The Stream is viewable on any standard computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone using a standard browser. Take note that standard data charges apply for users streaming on a digicel mobile device using their data (streaming 4 hours of HD content can total up to 9GB of data, so don’t play). Text 932 to 247 for more information.

There are other ways… but we’re sticking with quality, and… er… legal!


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