Carnival was NOT the only thing in T&T that emerged in January and February 2016. We picked four of the stores and services vying for your cash, and tried them out for you.

Launching a 24 hour diner on Ariapita Ave sounds like a great idea and a massive challenge at the same time. So we went in with low expectations. You know what, it’s all good. They aren’t overly ambitious with the menu (and note that due to religious reasons they do not serve any pork or beef products) which helps with quality control. The chicken and waffles has become an instant fave with patrons, and the milkshakes. They do have options for those aren’t trying to pack on the pounds. Prices are reasonable. Take a jacket, the aircon is seriously kicking if you get a table in the line of arctic fire. No linx yet, walk with cash. And it does get packed now and then throughout the day so you might end up waiting on a table, so be considerate to others and don’t spend forever taking IG shots of your food, k?


2Ever flown first class? No? Head to the Platinum Cinema at Movietowne POS. The seats are really similar, they give you a blanket, and it’s way cheaper than a ticket to Miami. Of course it’s twice as expensive as a regular movie ticket, but we see it being very popular as a first date thing. Faaaaaaancy. We could see some of you preferring the theatres with the really massive screens for big action blockbusters though. The drinks are good. Prices aren’t shameful compared to other bars, and as a result more than a few Pina Coladas have been consumed during, “How to Be Single” viewings. The VIP lounge is accessible to everyone btw, not just for those who will be continuing on to a Platinum screening. The food can be taken into the Platinum theatre though, so if you don’t have time for dinner first, you could eat it during. Going to a regular theatre? You can still get a gourmet hot dog – which we officially recommend. Large. Filling. Yummy.



Way faster. For us, it’s mostly about internet access and speed, and in that regard – it’s an improvement. Depending on where you live a drastic improvement. Onto television, where we are pretty impressed too. They tell you straight up which of the channels are a spanish feed, but many are the North American feed. The tech is sweet too, especially the picture in picture viewing of multiple channels. Sometimes we put it on just to feel like we live in the McFly House of 2015 (Back to The Future reference). If it’s not in your area yet you might wanna head to their site to pre-register. That way they can see where people want them to go next.



There are some people who would choose a kraft single over creamy, tart, goat cheese. Those people can stick to fast food chain hamburgers, we’ll be chillin’ at the G Spot. It’s oh so casual… in a totally sophisticated way. Branding and atmosphere on POINT. It’s the kind of food you find at high end bistros and restaurants in T&T, not out of a truck on Maraval road. Oh well. We tried the savoury Crepe Monaco and the SXSW Grain Bowl with Steak Carnitas. Are you getting the idea yet? If your palette has been warped by high-sodium, artificially flavoured sauces tasting real, fresh food may take some getting used to. Try it. Warning, as with all the food sellers on Maraval Road, parking is tough. They are open for breakfast and lunch (closed from 10-11am to prep for lunch) and done for the day by 4pm, so don’t plan on swinging by after work.


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