What a month!

From having our pre-launch event at the Courtyard Marriott, to celebrating what T&T and the Caribbean has to offer, to rolling out our Mavens, it’s been a hectic month. And we’ve been loving every minute of it!

Above all, our Mavens are our pride and joy. After all, our Maven drive is the largest private campaign to collect info about businesses and experiences that’s ever happened locally. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have inspired these bright young people to take the F1RST step, and they’ve been leading the way since!

We challenged them to embody the spirit of F1RST, which is about exploring our country, discovering new things and sharing information about their experiences. Instead, they took it one step further – they bring excitement, boundless energy and a real passion for helping people (businesses and consumers) understand what we’re about.

We showed them our vision of #F1RSTNation, to highlight amazing experiences and show our pride in what our region offers… instead, they live the #F1RSTNation vibe, and it’s evident to everyone who meets them, collects some F1RST freebies from them, or follows them on their extensive social media networks.

They’re managing to explain our online directory-meets-discovery-engine local super-app to everyone they’ve encountered, pointing out the nifty features like geo-location, actual consumer reviews and real images.

And they’ve only just begun! A total of 15 more towns remain to be explored, as part of this first wave of exploration… where will be next on the Maven mission? There are only… err… 3 ways to find out – here,here and here!

This post was originally published on www.f1rstmedia.tumblr.com in August 2013.

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