Donut day… is coming… THIS Wednesday in fact. June 17th. Here’s why I’m actually excited about hole-y Wednesday (get it?)

Because No Piggyback


Talking to you USA. Yes we may embrace things like Jordans, Hollister, Bel Air Rosé, Halloween, Black Friday and Kardashian fascination but we are officially bracing your National Donut Day and creating OUR OWN. Kudos to Donut Boys for bravely going out there and owning this.

Because FREE


Buy one, get one… BOGO… Double donuts… Half price… put it anyway you want, the point is that you should probably volunteer to pick up the donuts for your entire office on Wednesday. They’re going to think you are so generous.

Because Cheat Day

giphy (1)

We all need a cheat day. Fawnia Dietrich at says they, “are necessary to not only emotionally calm your cravings, but to jump start your metabolism and provide extra energy. Eating foods that are higher in calories, or are not normally in our food plan, will increase our metabolism since our bodies are forced to work harder at burning the calories ingested.” HA! Make it Wednesday 17th and maximise the greatness!

Because icing


Because chocolate icing (1)

Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmm

Because chocolate icing WITH SPRINKLES! (2)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Special recognition going out to intern Kyle up there with icing on his face. Future interns, just imagine, someday this could be you.


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