Nothing kills the vibe of a season like some member of the crew getting into a road accident. Nothing. Jah. *knocks wood* This year, know your transportation options and plan ahead. Besides, removing the responsibility of driving can really make your night hassle free. Here are just a few options we found, there are more.

Drunk Drivers TT

Plan with friends and book them before the fete. Capacity for parties of four, $150 one-way and $250 back-and-forth.

WE Taxi

It’s actually run via an app. So check dem out for yourself


A man on a mission to provide professional, courteous, door to door transportation services. Rolf says, “No need to find parking. No worries about your vehicle. Just relax and ride with Rolf”


Sharon’s a hip mom who’s four seater car is especially suitable to all-girl crews who may not trust a male driver. Call her for rates, she’s competitive
367 3406

Bacchus Taxi/Maxi & Car Rentals Service

If your crew is large you might want to consider hiring a maxi. The prices at Bacchus will vary depending on where you get picked up, where you’re going, and at what times. But for example, a 12 seater maxi picking up in Maraval and heading to a fete down Chag for 10pm, then getting picked back up at 2.30am will run you about $1,200. Now if you fill the maxi, that’s a plan right?
7752775 or 7983067


Ten points if you know what this stands for.

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