The New Year is upon us and aside from the never-ending variations of Auld Lang Syne, putting things in place for our silliest superstitions and preparation for that coveted New Year’s kiss at midnight, only one other thing is on our mind; how did we really spend our year? Remember those serious resolutions that we made on December 30th last year? Yeah, now we’re trying to figure out if we actually accomplished them or if we should just add them to this list for next year. We’ve come up with some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, and some advice on easier ways to accomplish them.

Giving-Up-AlcoholResolution: Giving Up Alcohol.
What It Should Really Be: Giving up alcohol all at once is a lot more difficult than it sounds and you really don’t want to disappoint yourself by breaking a resolution, especially at the New Years party with the open bar. This resolution should really be setting a limit on the amount of drinks that you have when you go out, decreasing it to less and less each time.

Quit-Smoking-altResolution: Quit Smoking
What It Should Really Be: Are you a one pack a day type of person? Two packs? Smoking is a nasty habit to kick especially if you have a dependency on it. Quitting smoking is pretty hard to do so you should probably see a doctor and join a support group, they actually know what they’re talking about.

Finding-a-Stable-Relationship-True-LoveResolution: Finding a Stable Relationship\True Love
What It Should Really Be: We give you about two months before this all falls flat and you give up the search. Probably because you can’t “find” true love and the search is exhausting. What you should probably do is accept that being by yourself or with your friends is completely natural and if true love happens to come along someday, welcome it with open arms.

Lose-WeightResolution: Lose Weight
What It Should Really Be: The key to avoiding disappointment is to set a goal which you wish to achieve. Saying that you want to lose weight is pretty vague so at the end of the year you’ll be disappointed when you only lose 10 pounds, unless that’s what you aimed for and set at the beginning of the year. Remember, the key to achieving this resolution is setting realistic goals.

To-Get-FitResolution: To Get Fit
What It Should Really Be: Stop being lazy. Just kidding! But what does get fit actually mean? Is it that coveted six pack? Or the ability to run a 400m in under a minute? Just like losing weight “Getting Fit” needs to be a little more specific to once again, avoid disappointment. You should probably join your local gym and have a chat with a trainer that could probably give you a proper exercise plan to start your journey.

Save-More-MoneyResolution: Save More Money
What It Should Really Be: Budget better. Honestly, budgeting is the best form of money management. If the goal is to save up for something or just for a rainy day then creating a budget and sticking to it can help you to achieve this. You’ll also find that saving up for something specific is a great motivator as well!

Visit-a-New-CountryResolution: Visit a New Country
What It Should Really Be: Picking up your stuff and going to another country is a little more complicated than it sounds, especially if your passport and visa are expired. We recommend firstly, picking which country you want to go to as well as ensuring that your documents are in order. Secondly you should research the laws and cost of living in that country because the last thing that you want to do in another country is be arrested or run out of money.

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