Beards, denim-on-denim, crops tops and tulle are everywhere in 2015. The same way that tracksuits, Uggs, and trucker hats were everywhere in 2005. Burgundy lipstick, hoop earrings, and overalls in 1995, um, we could go on. ‘They’ say we are a nation of follow fashions, but we’d like to point out that not every trend can fly in/to T&T. Some trends can’t seem to find the CAL website. Sometimes it’s because Trinis seem to be better able to identify the horrendous amidst the hype. Other times it’s a mystery. Aside from a couple padnahs who overtly wish they were still in NYC, here’s a short list of what we’ve largely been ignoring from the 2014/15 trends.


You’ve never heard of it probably. And yet, it has a wikipedia. It’s unisex clothing designed to make you NOT stand out. It’s designed to not flatter your body in any way. so not just boyfriend jeans, the whole look. It looks fine on people with amazing bodies (in that too-cool, ironic way), but makes everyone else look like an extra on Seinfeld. So basically, completely untrini.


We ooohed and ahhhhed over Lupita Nyongo’s caped gown during award season, but haven’t incorporated capes into our day-to-day looks. It’s not that they don’t look good. Like shoulder pads, a cape adds bulk up and out which gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Could it be that our climate is just too hot? Instyle did recently declare that capes are the new jackets, and we’re aren’t so much into jackets outside of corporate wear. Or maybe Trinis just don’t like an extra flap. Fellas especially hate a random flap so much that most male carnival costumes are worn without the waistband.


Do a google search on ‘ugly shoe trend’ and tells us what happens. Seems the Spring 2014 collections were flooded with footwear that reminded us of when Reef shoes were a thing in the 90s. Well, we are not having it. No. Not even if they are silver. Not even if they are encrusted with diamonds. Not even if Rhion Romany started pairing them up with his swimsuits. Not even if Anya started wearing them. Not even if Rihanna sent us a free pair.


If Wee Willie Winkie is your fashion icon, this trend is for you and here is a beginner’s guide from ASOS. Kanye legit started this trend. It all goes back to him. He was mocked for it initially but then it started popping up on street stylistas and stylistos from Brooklyn to Berlin, but not in Barataria nor Barrackpore. We’re keeping an eye out though, judging from the Fashion Focus event over the weekend, this one might be about to ketch.


Now, with so much speculation about fashion needing to be climate specific to succeed in an island nation, hats should be a no brainer. Specifically hats that give shade! Right? Totally? Right? Yeah? No? Wait… no? The problem with hats in the heat is that you can’t take them off or else reveal your sweaty hat hair. So besides baseball caps, the hipster affinity for headgear is lost here, this specific trend included. Sorry Bey, it might pass DDI for half a day, but daz it.


You could say that we didn’t have a chance to buy-in yet because the rainy season only now reach, but honestly what self respecting diva anywhere in the world is opting for rain protection that doesn’t cover her head? I mean really, trench coats are just a fashion trend, recently emerging sans sleeves. They have not emerged on the soil of the southernmost Caribbean isle however.

You want more right? Or maybe you know something we left out? Send me a line at and maybe I will update it. MAYBE… no promises.


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