Showcasing your products and services to customers just got a whole lot easier with the new Menus & Catalogues feature being offered to all businesses on It’s the 1st of its kind in the Caribbean, giving your business access to a virtual tool that allows you to not only post images of your merchandise, but list the prices as well. Whether you operate a fine-dining restaurant or a local boutique, a pharmacy or a home goods store, this new tool further enhances your ability to engage with existing customers, as well as attract new ones. It’s the next step in online promotion and here are 4 benefits F1RST’s Menus & Catalogues will offer your business.


Every business on F1RST now has access to this easy-to-use merchant tool that will allow you to manage your product inventory. And the best part is, this service starts for FREE. That’s right, you can list up to 5 products on F1RST for FREE. This means that, once you’ve been approved as the administrator of your business profile page (click here to find out how you can claim your business) you can upload selected images to your menu or catalogue and enhance your online presence without the hassle (and expense) of a technical developer.


Everyone’s always looking for a bargain and with your new online display room you can attract customers by highlighting daily deals and specials. Or you can make the decision-making process that much easier for existing and potential customers by showcasing your most popular items. Just think about the things that will interest your target audience and with a click of the button you can place them top-of-mind of anyone who visits your profile page.


F1RST was designed to be an interactive platform and Menus & Catalogues makes it even more so. When you post images and prices of your products, customers can now engage with them by ‘Liking’ and ‘Sharing’ items on their social media channels; they can even recommend them to friends. This provides you with invaluable customer insight, such as knowing which products are most in demand, and most popular. You even have the ability to post tentative new stock to determine consumer interest before you invest.


Once you post your products on F1RST, customers can contact your business via phone or email to place orders. This is a great avenue to begin expanding your sales channels as you now have a direct line of communication through which customers can enquire about products and make purchases. Think about it – you’re only one step away from e-commerce (and we promise that’s coming soon enough).

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Curious about what your menu or catalogue might look like? Click here to watch the video and don’t hesitate to contact us at for more information about this great new feature.

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