Creating a profile on e-platforms, like facebook and F1RST, is an essential step to becoming more customer connected, but you’ve got to keep stepping up after that to really get on top. Do it by harnessing the power of images.

The human brain processes pictures 60,000 times faster than text. In fact, just last year MIT neuroscientists found that the brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. Did you read that right? MILLIseconds. It’s ok if you read it wrong, the first recordings of human history were not text based, your initial communications as a baby weren’t through words, and even as an adult 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Text can be necessary, but it’s really a bunch of symbols that the brain has to de-code before it’s truly understood.

F1RST understood this deeply when the site and app were in even the earliest stages, and we’ve worked to optimise it for displaying your business the way it should be.

Got ‘em, Keep ‘em


Once someone has searched for you online, or stumbled upon your site or profile, how do you make them stay awhile and window shop? Give them something to see, not just read. Facebook posts with an image receive, on average, more than twice as many comments as those without, and photo albums receive 180% more engagement. F1RST finds this to be even more true on our platform.

The Right Thing, At the Right Time


Visuals should support the text on your landing page. They can create borders, entice scrolling, and legitimise your info. On F1RST, basic info is grouped at a glance to the left (based on westerners’ instincts to read left to right), and cradled by pictures in an L shape around it.

Variety of Viewing

Users have two ways to view a menu or catalogue on F1RST. List View is great for a holistic overview of what’s available. Carousel View is all about engagement. In Carousel View users can see likes, reviews, how many people have ‘tried’ the item, and move onto another by swiping left or right. They can also contribute to likes, tries, and reviews, and…

Share Genius


As Marc Mathieu, Global SVP of Marketing at Unilever, has said, “Marketing used to be about making a myth and telling it. Now it’s about telling a truth and sharing it.” You’ve got to make your pictures easy to share on a user’s social networks. F1RST has share buttons for facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ right by the price and description of your item. Perfect.

Default to Products/Services


If your business has created a menu or catalogue on F1RST, your default landing page won’t be the dashboard, it will be the catalogue. Testing has shown users appreciate being shown merchandise right away, as if they’ve walked into the store electronically.

Easier Than You Think

You can take the photo on your smartphone and upload to F1RST easily, all from the phone. Once you upload the photo you can add a title, description and price and… done!

Featured Profile


Samsung Experience Store

One of the most useful, well laid out catalogues, complete with prices, in the country. If your S5 falls off a cliff on Sunday afternoon, you can shop their profile overnight and head to the store for physical purchase on Monday morning.

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