Looking to increase the number of followers you can get on F1RST? We’ve just introduced a way to make this super easy and quick for any business. Simply go to your business profile on F1RST.com and click the “Invite icon” to start; shown above.

Once you’ve clicked the icon, you’ll see a Pop-up appear that allows you to copy and paste all of your emails in separated by “commas”.


After you’ve entered your recipient customer emails, just click send. Your contacts will get an invite from you to follow your business on F1RST.

You can also invite via Text Message by pasting cell phone numbers in, each separated by commas. Ensure you enter your mobile numbers without any spaces or dashes.

Once you begin to increase your followers on F1RST, it’s important to build your profile by adding products, services, deals and discounts which your followers will receive.

Happy Inviting!

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