There is definitely a direct and almost immediate response to the images we post of our food via social media. Customers always comment to us that they come specifically to enjoy in person what we tempted them with online.

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“Where do you wanna eat tonight?” asks the boyfriend. “I dunno”, replies the girlfriend. Often people approach a meal not with the desire for a specific cuisine, but for a generally good experience (sometimes agreeable to a group of 3 or more). Indian restaurants compete with Italian restaurants, bakeries compete with bistros. According to the Analyst Firm IDC, “The buyer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered”, so the establishment with the better online menu potentially wins more diners, because it answers many of the most important questions. To this end, F1RST offers a visual menu option on your profile, not just written descriptions, and has kept it super easy to upload your items.

New Customers (That you Actually want)

Show potential customers your menu in detail before they even step through the door, so that their expectations are realistic and they can decide beforehand if what you offer is their “kind of thing”. Modern marketing wisdom says that it’s not about trying to sell to EVERYONE. It’s about product fit for long term success. There are some customers who will not enjoy what you have to offer, no matter what, but they will demotivate your staff, waste your time, and possibly spread negativity about your establishment. Alternatively, the right customer will lift your staff, appreciate your efforts, and tell everyone how much they loved their experience. Posting your menu could sharply increase the likelihood of finding your fit, with new customers being the ones you’ve been seeking from the start!

PS: This also applies to the look of your establishment. Inform them of your formal/casual/energetic/peaceful/seaside/air-conditioned/what-have-you ambiance for the same reason. F1RST is designed to let you do both!

Cash-in on Cravings

Mobile marketing consultant Greg Hickman estimates that of hungry customers using smartphones and tablets to search for food, an astounding 90% buy from someone they found through their mobile search that same day. That kind of conversion rate is unheard of in advertising! Further, 64% of searchers with smartphones convert within an HOUR of their mobile search activity. C’mon, it’s no mystery, if a potential customer becomes hungry and is able to search on their mobile device to find you near their current location, with a menu item they want RIGHT NOW, they’re going to act on that immediate need. It’s as if your food was an impulse-buy item at the pharmacy cashier. F1RST provides this dream situation daily to over 100,000+ mobile users, who also use the app to call direct, get directions, check opening hours, and read reviews.


Perhaps your physical menu describes your Shrimp Scampi Fritta as “Lightly breaded and fried to perfection, tossed with garlic and a spicy cherry pepper sauce.” For some customers the positive description will work like a charm, but for others it will inspire suspicion. Don’t just tell, show. On your F1RST menu, the price appears superimposed on a photograph of the item. High end restaurants can counter the perception of high prices by giving them in context with visuals of gorgeously plated fare. On the other end, value-for-money establishments also benefit from context with their prices supported by obviously generous serving sizes.

Higher Ranking in Search Engines

Never forget that your search engine ranking is the equivalent of “location, location, location” in the digital space. Your online menu has more potential for reviews, likes, comments and shares of anything else on your profile, and when these activities go up, so does your search ranking. It’s easier than you think to use these aspects of F1RST to be first in searches.

Higher Table Turnover

Time spent at one of your tables before ordering is profitless. Less time spent deciding what to order is a common side effect of better informed customers, giving more time to the next customers in line, and maximizing your limited number of tables.



A funny thing happens on the internet, people love to talk about what they love. Those who love your business could be promoting it for you, for FREE, if you just make it easy for them to do. We’re talking split second motivations to share their warm, fuzzy feelings for your products. F1RST already makes it easy to say they have “tried” a menu item, to “like” it, and to even review it! But to go past the platform and enter facebook feeds and search engines, you must provide highly sharable content. Like, oh… we don’t know…. maybe…. PICTURES! F1RST does some encouraging for you by placing share buttons below each menu item for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Easy Access

There’s a lot of choice out there. Make the menu an extension of the service you offer by giving easy options for viewing it. F1RST accommodates this with options for how customers scroll through your items. ‘List View’ is great for a holistic overview of what’s on the menu, with items grouped by category (Drinks/ Appetizer/ Salads/ Specials/ Seafood), and in ‘Carousel View’ users can swipe easily from item to item, encouraging browsing.

Smart Text Layout

You can treat text information with the appeal of visuals in mind. The trick is to lay it all out in such a way that the human brain identifies it as a group, and registers that it is an important resource immediately. The same way that when you observe a painting you know at first glance if it makes you happy, or sad, and if you want to keep looking at it. While the viewer may not remember your specific phone number after a first glance, he/she knows where to train the eye to find it when needed, whether it’s a week or seconds later. Compared to your F1RST Profile, it is very likely that your facebook page or website involves a lot more scrolling and seeking for a user to get to your name, phone number, address, amenities, and products.

If you recognise the importance of everything we have laid out here, then you have decided that you are a competitor. Congratulations. Click here to get started NOW.

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