You’ve seen the orange and noticed the fancy shaped #1 on t-shirts and banners everywhere. You’ve even downloaded the mobile app and joined a thriving virtual community of over 90,000 users. But, as a business owner and/or marketer, you’re probably still wondering, “What does have to do with my business?” With over 100,000 businesses already on the platform, the answer to that question is simple: “A lot.”

F1RST has become the primary resource for tens of thousands of consumers making purchasing decisions. It’s easy to see how the platform can be helpful to a user, but we’ve compiled a list of 6 Benefits of F1RST for Your Business.


With you receive a free profile page with current contact information and rich content that can be accessed by an already engaged network of tens of thousands of people. With a detailed description that sets you apart from your competitors and keywords specific to your product or service, your chances of being found by people searching for what you offer are that much higher!


A check-in is when a customer is at your location and they say to all of their friends, “Hey! I’m *here*!” Check-ins are currently the most popular feature on F1RST and it’s an easy way for you to identify your customers – especially the loyal ones! So begin monitoring your check-ins and start rewarding clients for their consistency with special deals and discounts. Or maybe invite them to view new products first? Just a thought!


Find out exactly how your customers felt about their time at your establishment. With the rating and review functions users have the ability to report on their experience, whether it’s good or bad. This offers you a great opportunity to see things from the consumer’s point of view. This type of feedback allows you to improve your customer service in areas where it may be weak, and give yourself (and your staff) a pat on the back for the things you’re doing right.


Peer recommendations are becoming an increasingly popular form of free advertising for businesses. A 5-star rating and positive review posted by a friend will go a long way in influencing a potential customer to make a purchasing decision. Some call it peer pressure, we call it conscientious shopping. So encourage your customers – particularly those that have visibly enjoyed their interaction with your business – to write a review about their experience!


No website? No problem. Your business doesn’t need to have its own web page to be found in a Google search. Your F1RST profile page will rank higher in searches for your brand, products or services as a result of the significant and active database of users collectively searching F1RST on a daily basis.


Being able to find a restaurant or any other type of business in an area they’re unfamiliar with is great for users, but equally great for businesses like yours. With such a large and consistently growing database, think of the possibilities in terms of the number of customers that can discover your business profile while browsing the mobile app or website for certain good and services nearby.

.     .     .

These are 6 of the most significant benefits of F1RST for your business and there are many more. Get started on building your online presence now by claiming your business on now. Click here to find out how.

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